Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Favorite Thing _ IN LIFE

Where I'll be for a month

            If you care about where I will be for the next month I will be at sleep a way camp.  I love 
            blogging so I will miss this. I just wanted to inform you all. :) I will be back soon, anyway I'm    
            going to insert a bunch or a few photos that remind me of camp and summer, just typical teenage     

            classics for summer. Nothing high-fashion or classy. Enjoy!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Style Watch: Emily Didonato

The beige leather bag adds a pop against all the black.

I love the floral chiffon shirt with the fur vest, and the black jeans dress the whole look down.

Now this is her modeling, but what she is wearing is not too far off from her real life style.

This is another one of her modeling looks. 
Emily Didonato is the Maybelline spokesperson. She is absolutely stunning, not to mention an incredible model, and to top it off she, of course, has an amazing sense of style.  Her style is different then the style of Willa Holland and Agyness Deyn.  It is casual with a mix of glamour.  A typical outfit would be light wash jeans a comfy shirt and something else to add a pop of glamour.  It is a different type of look compared to a graphic tee shirt, destroyed jean shorts, and ratty boots, which is what everyone is wearing today.  Her style is a breath of fresh air.

Trend: Where and What

The crochet sweater that reveals skin is my favorite thing right now.
It is so simple to throw on over a white bikini.  It adds a laid back
attitude to any simple outfit.  In the outfit above it is worn with a maxi skirt.
That adds an indie fashionista look to the crochet knit sweater.

This bathing suit is perfect for those who want to cover up
and not feel like the only one wearing a one piece
because the cut outs on the bathing suit reveal just enough

This show cases the cut out trend.  The cut out and crochet trend go hand in hand.  They both are slightly revealing, but still has a wholesome vibe.  The wholesome demure with something slightly revealing has been all over the runways, whether it's with a see through top slightly revealing your under- garment, or cut outs around the neckline.  Even the monokini bathing suit is super trendy because it makes one think that they are revealing skin, more so than in a bikini.  With these trends it's very easy for it to look like a tart. So, in order to avoid this make sure you don't have a leopard dress with cut outs or a black crochet monokini.  Keep it light and simple.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Trend: Where and What

Leopard is a trend popping up everywhere.  Dolce and Gabonna is the biggest fan of the leopard trend and has been doing dresses with leopard for years.  A designer who has recently became huge, Alice and Olivia, has started to use a lot of leopard as well.  She's mostly known for the playfulness of her dresses but with leopard she steps it up and makes it fierce.  You can get leopard in many colors.  My version is black and grey which is just as trendy.  When wearing leopard I think it's easy to go from class to trash.  So, I would lean toward the neutral leopards as opposed to hot pink. With leopard you can wear two colors which I think is part of the appeal, but that is only one of the many things that is appealing.  It is such a fierce and innovative print.  It is one of my favorites along with floral.  Even if you just wore a leopard pair of shoes it would instantly dress up your outfit.

This leopard skirt was from H&M

My Outfit For Today

The weather was 90 Degrees today so I had to keep it light. What's in store for today? Lunch in Central Park and then going on a row boat.  So, I decided that comfort was necessary on a scalding action packed day like today.  I wore this Tie-Die Cropped Tee Shirt (Urban Outfitters,) Some jean shorts (Blank NYC,) a pair of beige gladiator sandals with fringe, and Gold Rimmed aviator sunglasses (Ray Ban.)  To top off the outfit I wore Beige Marc Jacobs bag that matched the shoes and sloppily tied my hair into a ponytail completing the 70's vibe.

Tie Die is all over the runways and huge for spring.
This crop top makes it more modern than a complete throwback,

Style Watch: Willa Holland

The way to make this outfit work is throw on distressed shorts and some work boots to look effortlessly cool

Not only does she look gorgeous, but she has loose curls and a fedora to top it off

The off the shoulder sweatshirt is cute and comfy. Just take any Sweatshirt and measure it to your shoulders.  Grab your scissors and cut. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Trend: Where and What

The femininity of lace drags you in.  The sexiness of innocence or daring look it could go either way with this trendy fabric.  Spotted on runways, as designers pull the lace trend into their designs, and on many celebrities.  It is the hottest fabric of the season
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Trend: Where and What

Floral never goes out of style, but this fun cotton crop top adds a new take.  It has buttons going down the center and a fluttery bottom.  The floral print is there it's just mild.  Wear this however you want. There are many options.

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The Daily Fashion Sightings

Today I took a long walk to central park and just on the sidewalks of New York.  I was trying to clear my head, and I found some incredible fashion sightings one particularly stroke me.  Right on Park Avenue I saw the epitome of a fashionable New York teenager.  Wearing a bright yellow dress with brass studding  on the neckline  that had an umpire waist line from Urban Outfitters (I know because I recently bought it, which makes me way to excited...) paired with sky high brown wedges, that look like they were Micheal Kors or Jeffrey Campbell, and gold rimmed aviator sunglasses.  She had messy bed head, a Bergdorf shopping bag, and her blackberry in hand.  She looked put together but not boring. I felt underdressed walking with jean shorts, a graphic cropped tee shirt, high top converse, and of course some oversized black sunglasses.



My Favorite Things

This retro looking pair of sunglasses is my favorite thing at the moment.
 They hide your face and they add edge to any average outfit.

Club Master Sunglasses by Ray Ban

Style Watch: Agyness Deyn

Agyness Deyn is a amazing model with a blunt haircut and terrific grunge/comfortable style.

The red socks add a cool pop of color under classic oxfords

This looks so edgy, but it's clearly so comfortable.  The Key: Leggings with and oversized Graphic tee shirt.  Good brand for graphic tee's is chaser. 

She pulls this look off amazingly.  I need these skinny suspenders