Friday, June 17, 2011

Style Watch: Emily Didonato

The beige leather bag adds a pop against all the black.

I love the floral chiffon shirt with the fur vest, and the black jeans dress the whole look down.

Now this is her modeling, but what she is wearing is not too far off from her real life style.

This is another one of her modeling looks. 
Emily Didonato is the Maybelline spokesperson. She is absolutely stunning, not to mention an incredible model, and to top it off she, of course, has an amazing sense of style.  Her style is different then the style of Willa Holland and Agyness Deyn.  It is casual with a mix of glamour.  A typical outfit would be light wash jeans a comfy shirt and something else to add a pop of glamour.  It is a different type of look compared to a graphic tee shirt, destroyed jean shorts, and ratty boots, which is what everyone is wearing today.  Her style is a breath of fresh air.

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