Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Daily Fashion Sightings

Today I took a long walk to central park and just on the sidewalks of New York.  I was trying to clear my head, and I found some incredible fashion sightings one particularly stroke me.  Right on Park Avenue I saw the epitome of a fashionable New York teenager.  Wearing a bright yellow dress with brass studding  on the neckline  that had an umpire waist line from Urban Outfitters (I know because I recently bought it, which makes me way to excited...) paired with sky high brown wedges, that look like they were Micheal Kors or Jeffrey Campbell, and gold rimmed aviator sunglasses.  She had messy bed head, a Bergdorf shopping bag, and her blackberry in hand.  She looked put together but not boring. I felt underdressed walking with jean shorts, a graphic cropped tee shirt, high top converse, and of course some oversized black sunglasses.



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