Friday, September 9, 2011

Trend: Where and What

The Backless Shirt/Dress

I do not know what that type of backless shirt is
called. However, it is definitely the edgiest and my favorite.

On the red carpet the backless trend is often seen 

An otherwise boring outfit made intriguing
and pretty just by subtracting a back.
My version showcases a drip of back. I would pair with
Flair jeans, brown wedges, and peacock feather earrings.
I recently bought a shirt from Free People with a hint of a backless style, and I realized this is a trend that has been popping up everywhere. I just saw recently in my own friends closet a backless blouse and I realized that I actually have been seeing that style of shirt everywhere. Mostly on celebrities not so much on runways.  However, if I do see a backless style on runway it looks like a backwards cowl-neck.  The reason I love the backless trend is because you could be wearing a long sleeve, lengthy, turtle neck dress with no back and it would look incredibly classy, luxe, and sultry.  A mixture of elegance, grace, and subtile hint of lust is very hard to achieve but the backless dress or shirt help you achieve that look so you can receive a feeling of cool confidence. And now for the pictures. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Outfit of the Day: First day of School

A floral Shirt with cut out shoulders from LF and a feather
necklace from Forever 21 look appropriate for school
yet flirty and edgy.
A close up of the cut out shoulder

My perfect fit of skinny dark denim also from LF. Balance
out the flowiness of the floral top and lengthy necklacr.
The brand is Carmar from LF

For the first day of school you just need a a folder and
a notebook so take advantage of that
and carry a cute purse. Mines from LF and I like the effect
the silver gromets have with the rust necklace

Gladiator Sandals by Dulce Vita just finish off the look.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Style Watch: Chanel Iman

To the left she looks grunge but the black heels and sillhuette of the pants make it classy
To the right she wears a tie dye dress with an oversize purplehandbag
and looks very trendy.

In both looks she is sporting statement jackets. She pairs them
with skinny pants. She looks professional, yet trendy
Maybe it's the way she looks flawless in everything or maybe it's the way she mixes grungy pieces with classic items.  Chanel Iman always looks put together.  She always has that fresh off the runway look.  She wears one statement item whether its a pair of patterned pants, oversized blazer, or a chunky necklace. She wears fashion that is never too much, yet never too little.  It's the way that everything is the right balance that makes you gravitate towards Chanel's fashion.  And let's not forget she is an amazing model. She has been featured in  Teen Vogue, TIME, i-D, Muse ,POP, Lula, Elle (UK)(Italy), Flare (Italy)(Canada) and Vogue (Korea) among others and has been featured in American Vogue, Italian Vogue, Allure, Harper’s Bazaar, Interview and V, which is just a few. She has also worked with a multitude of designers.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

I have been loving...

Every fall there is an item or particular style that keeps showing up on the runways and on celebrities.  Every year people fall head over heels for said item.  Whether it's tough military, flannel, or the current must have fall trend, letterman/varsity jackets.  These jackets will bring everyone together in a cozy mannor. They are so practical and wearing them might remind you of the head football player, who knows.  I am still searching for my perfect letterman jacket, but when i find it i will for sure post a picture. I think when wearing the varsity jacket you should make everything else simple and classic and let the jacket be the statement piece.  When I find mine I will pair it with black skinny jeans and my favorite pair of broken in combat boots, and maybe some bracelets and circle sunglasses.  This trend is meant so you look effortless chic, the girl who just rolled out of bed brushed her teeth and looks stunning.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Back to School Series: Jeans

Jeans.  A five letter classic that is constantly changing and becoming more and more modern with new and different styles.  However with all these new styles its comforting to see a style becoming trendy for this season. Flare jeans are so bohemian and glamorous. I love wearing them with either a floral top and fur vest or a trendy tribal crop top.  Another major denim trend is the motorcycle jean. This would really look great with any top that you would like to pair it with. This pair of denim have been seen on many celebrities, as well.  Personally, I like the motorcycle denim better because on me it is more figure flattering. Remember if there is a trend that you are not confident in do not wear it because it will show through.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Favorite Thing _ IN LIFE

Where I'll be for a month

            If you care about where I will be for the next month I will be at sleep a way camp.  I love 
            blogging so I will miss this. I just wanted to inform you all. :) I will be back soon, anyway I'm    
            going to insert a bunch or a few photos that remind me of camp and summer, just typical teenage     

            classics for summer. Nothing high-fashion or classy. Enjoy!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Style Watch: Emily Didonato

The beige leather bag adds a pop against all the black.

I love the floral chiffon shirt with the fur vest, and the black jeans dress the whole look down.

Now this is her modeling, but what she is wearing is not too far off from her real life style.

This is another one of her modeling looks. 
Emily Didonato is the Maybelline spokesperson. She is absolutely stunning, not to mention an incredible model, and to top it off she, of course, has an amazing sense of style.  Her style is different then the style of Willa Holland and Agyness Deyn.  It is casual with a mix of glamour.  A typical outfit would be light wash jeans a comfy shirt and something else to add a pop of glamour.  It is a different type of look compared to a graphic tee shirt, destroyed jean shorts, and ratty boots, which is what everyone is wearing today.  Her style is a breath of fresh air.

Trend: Where and What

The crochet sweater that reveals skin is my favorite thing right now.
It is so simple to throw on over a white bikini.  It adds a laid back
attitude to any simple outfit.  In the outfit above it is worn with a maxi skirt.
That adds an indie fashionista look to the crochet knit sweater.

This bathing suit is perfect for those who want to cover up
and not feel like the only one wearing a one piece
because the cut outs on the bathing suit reveal just enough

This show cases the cut out trend.  The cut out and crochet trend go hand in hand.  They both are slightly revealing, but still has a wholesome vibe.  The wholesome demure with something slightly revealing has been all over the runways, whether it's with a see through top slightly revealing your under- garment, or cut outs around the neckline.  Even the monokini bathing suit is super trendy because it makes one think that they are revealing skin, more so than in a bikini.  With these trends it's very easy for it to look like a tart. So, in order to avoid this make sure you don't have a leopard dress with cut outs or a black crochet monokini.  Keep it light and simple.