Saturday, August 27, 2011

I have been loving...

Every fall there is an item or particular style that keeps showing up on the runways and on celebrities.  Every year people fall head over heels for said item.  Whether it's tough military, flannel, or the current must have fall trend, letterman/varsity jackets.  These jackets will bring everyone together in a cozy mannor. They are so practical and wearing them might remind you of the head football player, who knows.  I am still searching for my perfect letterman jacket, but when i find it i will for sure post a picture. I think when wearing the varsity jacket you should make everything else simple and classic and let the jacket be the statement piece.  When I find mine I will pair it with black skinny jeans and my favorite pair of broken in combat boots, and maybe some bracelets and circle sunglasses.  This trend is meant so you look effortless chic, the girl who just rolled out of bed brushed her teeth and looks stunning.

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