Thursday, September 1, 2011

Style Watch: Chanel Iman

To the left she looks grunge but the black heels and sillhuette of the pants make it classy
To the right she wears a tie dye dress with an oversize purplehandbag
and looks very trendy.

In both looks she is sporting statement jackets. She pairs them
with skinny pants. She looks professional, yet trendy
Maybe it's the way she looks flawless in everything or maybe it's the way she mixes grungy pieces with classic items.  Chanel Iman always looks put together.  She always has that fresh off the runway look.  She wears one statement item whether its a pair of patterned pants, oversized blazer, or a chunky necklace. She wears fashion that is never too much, yet never too little.  It's the way that everything is the right balance that makes you gravitate towards Chanel's fashion.  And let's not forget she is an amazing model. She has been featured in  Teen Vogue, TIME, i-D, Muse ,POP, Lula, Elle (UK)(Italy), Flare (Italy)(Canada) and Vogue (Korea) among others and has been featured in American Vogue, Italian Vogue, Allure, Harper’s Bazaar, Interview and V, which is just a few. She has also worked with a multitude of designers.

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