Friday, September 9, 2011

Trend: Where and What

The Backless Shirt/Dress

I do not know what that type of backless shirt is
called. However, it is definitely the edgiest and my favorite.

On the red carpet the backless trend is often seen 

An otherwise boring outfit made intriguing
and pretty just by subtracting a back.
My version showcases a drip of back. I would pair with
Flair jeans, brown wedges, and peacock feather earrings.
I recently bought a shirt from Free People with a hint of a backless style, and I realized this is a trend that has been popping up everywhere. I just saw recently in my own friends closet a backless blouse and I realized that I actually have been seeing that style of shirt everywhere. Mostly on celebrities not so much on runways.  However, if I do see a backless style on runway it looks like a backwards cowl-neck.  The reason I love the backless trend is because you could be wearing a long sleeve, lengthy, turtle neck dress with no back and it would look incredibly classy, luxe, and sultry.  A mixture of elegance, grace, and subtile hint of lust is very hard to achieve but the backless dress or shirt help you achieve that look so you can receive a feeling of cool confidence. And now for the pictures. 

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